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The traveller's guide to
eating healthy abroad.



For people trying to stay healthy, traveling whilst eating-well can be a real hurtle. Downshiftology are an online, Californian setup committed to growing a healthy, happy, supportive community of wanderlust traveling foodies.

Brown & Co were approached to create a resource that could be simply purchased, then downloaded and taken with travelers on their phones/tablets when they travel. It needed to feature simple to follow recipes, inspiring imagery, intuitive navigation and carry an aesthetic that spoke to the adventurous at heart.



With custom icons, hand painted writing, an intuitive layout, stunning imagery and clean typography, we helped turn this passion into passive income. You don’t need fancy programs to open it; you don’t need to be on your computer or print it out to be able to use it. The client is over the moon with the product and their audience are downshifting into travel mode because of it.



“My book has launched and people are loving the design!”

- Lisa Bryan / Founder




Want your own eBook designed? It's not as hard as you think.

Step 1

Step 1 / Insight

Firstly understanding your product / service, analysing it’s position in the market, and differentiating it from the competition, ensures the highest level of desirability.


Step 1

Step 2 / Define

Defining the key objectives of the eBook is crucial, it informs an intentional structure and shapes the way we design it.

Understanding key target audiences allows us to map out a seamless user journey.


Step 1

Step 3 / Design

Initial design directions are designed, then together we refine a chosen concept before the rest of the document is developed (this saves a lot of your time and money). The document is then collaboratively fine tuned, interactivity is added and files are supplied.


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Step 4 / Get Started

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