8 Ways to Better Engage With Your Clients

A Relational Approach to Doing Business

The way to best engage your clients is to approach them on a personal level. Whether you are a small business, retailer, SME or large enterprise you have something to gain from taking a step back and assessing the relationship at work between you and your consumer. Businesses have become more relational in the way that they operate due to the huge spike in social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. In this transition it is important to know how to relate to businesses as people - people at work, people making decision and people engaging with your brand! 

In order to make these relationships something that are worthwhile an effort must be made to positively promote your business with those who you are connecting to. However, this must be done in an authentic and truthful way, as the focus should always be on maintaining profitable relationships that will last long past the first meeting. 


Companies that focus on the relationships they have with staff and the relationships they build with consumers have an authenticity behind them, that speaks for itself. The benefit of using this people-focused approach is that you can set yourself up for future success. People will generally make positive choices towards your business if there is a level of trust involved in the relationship. Similarly, people are hesitant to choose a brand if they do not trust the people in the business or have already sided with someone in whom they trust more. 

Whilst a business should be focused on a range of areas including product, pricing, promotion and distribution - it is crucially important to remember that the end goal of all these factors is creating value for the consumer. Starting with a target audience in mind and seeking to build positive relationships in that segment will put your business in a strong position and lay the foundation for who they do business with into the future.

A few tips for engaging your clients:

1. Don’t over sell, keep it personal
2. Encourage and empower your clients, keep them involved!
3. Speak with clarity and truth about your brand
4. Genuinely care about the needs and wants of consumers
5. Be benefit oriented, communicate benefits to the consumer
6. Build relationships based on trust and loyalty
7. Educate consumers and be open with them about your product/service
8. Always act with the consumer in mind

Josh BrownComment