5 Ways to Kill It on Social Media


5 years ago it would have been a waste of time and resources to develop a social media strategy for your business. I was working in a brand agency at the time, and there was a money vacuum in the social media department. Essentially we knew the power of social media, but our clients just didn’t have the audience.

That was then.

Welcome to 2016, where even Baby Boomers are taking to social media, there’s now a goldmine of potential customers all open to interacting with brands on social media.

Don’t waste your time, take on these 5 points when developing content and you’ll get results!

Be different. Be you.

Think about what’s unique and different about your business, why do people go to you over all the other services/products available? Don't waste their time.



It's a social platform, if you're not talking, you're nothing more than a robot. The expectation is that a user can interact, not just spectate. Talk like a person too.

Keep It Consistent

Do you deliver an inconsistent quality product/service to your customers? Your followers signed up for a reason, don't change up the style/quality of content. Start strong and stay strong. 

Have a Strategy

Don't continually advertise, try share things about your company culture or industry news, you don't want your users to feel spammed.

Give Them What They Want

Find out what your users want. Is it learning, entertainment, inspiration? Share that